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Cognition Partners was founded in 2001 with the goal of addressing the challenges faced by emerging growth and mid-market companies as they pursue growth opportunities. The firm brings together the resources, experience, and strategic relationships to assist organizations in successfully pursuing these opportunities.

With a focus on the go-to-market process, the firm consults across many market sectors, including Communications, Industrial & Consumer, High Technology and Financial Services.

From the beginning, we sought to define our business-and every client interaction- through several guiding principles:

  • Conduct ourselves with Integrity and strong ethics.
  • Bring external Objectivity to our client's situation.
  • Remain Accountable for our work.
  • Deliver tangible Results that positively affect our client's business.
  • Maintain a Balance between a long-term perspective and short-term needs.

Cognition Partners is a private partnership owned by its employees. We feel strongly that with this approach, each client will receive world-class service and personal attention.

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