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Advanced HD Video and HD Video Conferencing

ClearVision provides the industry's highest quality video communication solutions. Based on a patented, software-based technology, ClearVision provides remarkable HD quality video with full-duplex audio at a fraction of the bandwidth requirement and cost of other solutions. Imagine a video-based interaction where you are NOT limited by distance, clarity or latency. ClearVision solutions provides the ability to:
  • Communicate with a colleague in London from the comfort of your home and see the details of their face with HD clarity, enabling a complete understanding of their non-verbal communication.

  • Maintain the natural dynamic of face-to-face communication, including gesturing, interrupting and simultaneous/rapid conversation without feeling limited by the technology.

  • Connect with a remote factory to troubleshoot a manufacturing line issue without travelling on-site to see the problem.

There are an infinite number of possibilities, please contact us at 360.453.7250 and let us help you create a solution that works for your needs.

Click here to download (~900k) an overview ClearVision capabilities.

ClearVision HD Desktop


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