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Cognition's venture consulting services bring together the attributes of both the venture capital and management consulting models - select your clients carefully, invest in a limited few, and bring expertise to mitigate a discreet set of issues. In addition, Cognition's approach has four tenets:

Focus on go-to-market services
We know what we are good at - taking good products or solutions and finding them a profitable position in the market. We have assumed leadership roles on behalf of our clients for a comprehensive go-to-market solution or we have filled more limited roles such as defining the appropriate business models or segmenting their customer base to locate more attractive segments.

Apply strong analytical rigor
A cornerstone of our success is the fervor in which we tackle market entry with a customer and data centric orientation. We become very intimate with our client's customers, prospects and defectors, ensuring we are on the same page with those making the purchasing decisions for our client's solutions.

Leverage enabling technologies
Cognition has developed a series of proprietary tools that, when appropriate, we apply on behalf of our clients. This toolset, assists in compressing the timelines needed for statistically significant research, improves the subjective targeting of client's solutions, provides key insights into launch customers, and generates active prospects.

Share the passion for the business
Wherever possible, we believe in taking a portion of our fees on a performance basis - this typically takes three forms: (1) client stock, (2) revenue share, and finally (3) consulting fees. We find that this approach creates a situation where our clients not only solicit our counsel but listen to it, even when it appears to conflict with their current understanding. In addition, this creates greater goal alignment and supports long-term, productive relationships.

Cognition's approach is supported by a strong track record of successful execution. Through rigorous discipline and deep commitment, we've set a precedent for getting the job done in spite of unforeseen obstacles.

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