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Navigating the path to market share leadership involves active business development and sales management. Transitional challenges naturally present themselves upon new product introduction, new market entry, geographic or channel expansion, as well as upon changes in competitor and customer behavior.

Our team draws upon multiple methodologies, proven experience, and data-driven analyses to create viable selling and business development strategies. In some situations, we are able to provide assistance in key relationship acquisition.

Sample client situations include:

New Product Launch. Your marketing team has developed an offering for a new segment that requires a more sophisticated sales approach than you typically employ.

Cognition Solution: Cognition will work with your team to develop a consultative sales approach that draws out true customer requirements, segments those needs, and helps customers sell themselves on the solution that is right for them.


Sales Strategy Realignment. Your sales growth has slowed, with customer penetration, retention, and new customer acquisition all underperforming your targets.

Cognition Solution: Cognition will identify and evaluate your unique drivers of sales success, and design a sales structure that overcomes weaknesses and improves customer focus.


Strategic Account Planning. Your team is completely consumed with existing operations and the Board of Directors has asked for a revised business development plan for a new vertical market strategy.

Cognition Solution: Cognition will conduct a complete industry assessment and develop an alliance/channel/key account strategy and implementation plan recommendation.

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