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Clarity brings understanding

A key element underlying any strategic growth initiative - whether in a start-up or mature business - is a solid understanding of the market environment. Too often, financial and human capital investments are made, or not made, based on nothing more than anecdotes, internal biases, outdated market impressions, and randomly collected data that presents only part of the story.

Our team of expert research analysts will provide you with independently formulated, comprehensive data-driven analyses of customers and markets tailored to your executive decision-making needs, including clear options on how you can proceed.

Sample client situations include:

Increased Competition. A mid-market business that began as the upstart exploiting a clear market opening now finds itself the target of new players and products that threaten to erode once comfortable margins and market share. Where do you best find the opportunities to re-energize and grow your business?

Cognition Solution: Cognition will evaluate your core strengths and weaknesses, evaluate vs. custom data collection, and provide actionable options.


Opportunity Analyses. You have a new and innovative technical solution for an unmet market need, but are unsure how to go about assessing market size and acceptance.

Cognition Solution: Cognition will perform a complete customer market analyses, identifying potential channel partners, complementary partners or other avenues to market.


Market Intelligence. You are a new executive brought in to energize a business, and you want to ensure you that your leadership team is well-connected to customer needs. With limited formal processes to understand customer needs, you want an independent eye to help guide you.

Cognition Solution: Cognition will partner with you to establish a customer research strategy that includes goals, objectives, activities and timetables. Depending on your needs we can manage this process on your behalf and transfer the methodology to your staff.

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