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Example Venture Consulting Situations

Some situations we have been called into assist with include:

Lead Generation. Your organization has a great product or solution, but your sales funnel is lacking quality and volume.

Cognition Solution: Cognition will work closely with you to understand if gaps exist between customer requirements and solution attributes, marketing materials or sales tactics. If the situation warrants, Cognition may deploy it's proprietary Lead Generation Management System to fill the top of the funnel or we may assist in closing key anchor accounts.


U.S. Market Entry. Your organization has been successful in building a solid business in Europe, Asia or the South Pacific and you are looking to continue that success by bringing your products into the U.S., but are unclear on the best avenues.

Cognition Solution: Cognition will perform a survey of your current company assets (e.g. marketing materials, customers, and partners) and identify the most desirable avenue to enter the U.S market.


International Expansion. You have proven your business concept in the domestic market, but don't have enough insight into foreign markets to evaluate and prioritize opportunities, much less how to identify and scrutinize potential overseas partners.

Cognition Solution: Cognition will leverage our extensive global contacts and research tools to assess opportunities and present you with a short-list of vetted candidates.


Venture Check-up. Your business began with a bang but your growth has cooled over the 6-12 months and the Board and investors are beginning to get antsy.

Cognition Solution: As an external and objective third-party, Cognition performs a venture 'check-up', assessing the market requirements, competition, business models, marketing and sales strategy and identifies gaps between existing practices and optimal tactics.

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