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At Cognition we believe the role of marketing is to strategically create and sustain lasting customer value thereby driving your business success. This often requires a change in the mindset of the organization that can only be driven by company leadership. Some of the typical paradigms that may require transformation include:

  • Become customer-focused, not technology driven
  • Offer solutions, not products
  • Leverage cross-functional strengths, not functional silos
  • Empower through a consultative sell, not a product sale
  • Deliver out-of-the-box innovation, rather the feature growth

However obvious these steps may seem to the leader of a company, it often requires an outsider to challenge organizational views to drive the change needed for renewed success.

We believe that this is best done with a sense of clarity, transparency, and a feel for your business that establishes credibility with key stakeholders throughout your organization.

Our team of senior marketing executives can partner with your company's senior executives and act as the external agent to assist you in leading your organization through these changes.

Sample client situations include:

Market Segmentation. A second generation family business has grown to several hundred million dollars in annual revenues, but is currently experiencing flat or negative organic growth.

Cognition Solution: Cognition will evaluate your business lines and determine the most profitable segments and identify additional avenues for revenue or margin enhancement.


Voice of Customer. Your organization has gone through numerous acquisitions in the past several years and as a new executive you are looking at a portfolio of loosely connected products and technologies.

Cognition Solution: Cognition will assist your team in establishing a company-wide program to capture and react to ongoing customer feedback. The program will assist you in terminating unnecessary development, design and implement new market solutions and rationalize your resources. These efforts will also drive customer penetration and retention.


Solution Development. A fast growing organization has found that its internal resources are spread too thinly and that it can not bring together needed resources to develop a solution to an emerging market threat.

Cognition Solution: Cognition will bring a together a 'tiger team' to help jump start your solution development, until appropriate internal resources can be garnered.


Market Entry Planning. Your company has achieved an attract market share in Europe of Asia and wants to explore the options on how to best enter the North American market.

Cognition Solution: Cognition will decompose and distill the market for your products in the United States, including competitive market share, positioning, channels, alliances and revenue models. Based on this analyses, we will work with your team to construct a U.S market entry plan.

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